Managing Stress Life Organize Skills

I am devoted to doing all I can  to make life better for as many people as I possibly can. I have experienced high degrees of stress a number of times in my life, and in some cases over quite an extended period of time. I have always tried to “be in control” of my feelings, as well as health, and other aspects that go up to make us the person we are. During those times,  I was constantly amazed at the actual degree of control we had over ourselves if we adopted the right mental attitude.  This will of course will differ from person to person. However, the final motivation for this EBook, that has “been in the works”  for a very long time is, that a dear dear friend revealed that she suffers from Acute Anxiety and severe Stress. Such a shame for such a lovely person, and it was the motivation I needed to commit to completing my book.

It is now complete, I am very proud of it, and hope that those who purchase and follow the logic in the book, will make a real and profound and positive difference in their lives. I also invite comments and feedback via the web site or from Youtube .

How To Manage Stress.

I am very pleased to be able to present the following video on Healthy Eating and General Human Wellbeing.
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