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G’day and welcome.
A little information about me if you are interested.
I am a “Mature” Male, and a committed Australian.
I love my fellow Aussies, and this wonderful country, but I also have a deep and abiding love for other Nations, including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and of course New Zealand.. If you would like to ask the question, what does Les do? I invite you to click this link.
What is the paleo diet


I do however, have some concerns that worry me considerably, and as a “fanatic”  on various aspects of Research, I worry about the general direction of many aspects of Mankind. There are many challenges facing the world at the moment, and I would love to make it my life’s work to be able to contribute to
                             “getting the world back on track”,
so to speak.

My past involves being married to a wonderful Lady,  and the most wonderful Son one could possible imagine.  My Wife unfortunately passed away from the dreaded “C”. I thought my life was over, it devastated me. However, I was ever so fortunate to meet another Lady, with two beautiful Children, and we enjoyed a very loving and happy existence for some years. I made a silly mistake in allowing the difference in our ages and the fact that my business at that time was losing money to effect me, and I allowed these most beautiful people out of my life. BIG mistake! A Mistake I have and will continue to pay a heavy price for the remainder of my life..

I have long held a vital interest in all aspects of Human Endeavour and Human Health and Wellbeing. I had my Company Power Health Australia Pty Ltd for some years, until I sold out to a USA firm and followed my health passion in a more personal sense. I have experimented with a wide range of philosophies and products, and I now firmly believe, after twenty years or so of testing on myself and others, that I have the absolute right info to keep myself healthy  in both the short and long term and I humbly offer my current health and Wellbeing as a testament to the correctness of my learnings.

Prior to all of that, I raced Motor Cycles, and had a fair degree of success, until I had a serious crash at Melbourne ( Brooklyn )

Speedway Solo 2

Speedway, and spent some considerable time in hospital. END of Speedway Career. I still get the occasional “ouch” from the injuries of that crash.

Currently, whilst I am still devoted to web sites and App building for clients, my main interest in today’s world is pursuing the concept of providing Leadership to enable The People Of Australia, to have a voice and ultimately decide ( as part of a Majority ), the direction of our Nation.
I also appear to have some expertise in the ranking of videos on Youtube ( after many months of training and becoming a Youtube Partner ). I enjoy the challenge of  making my expertise with the Ranking of video’s available to selected clients, mainly here in Australia, but I have already taken up several challenges ( and won ) to ranking video’s in vastly competitive markets such as USA Real Estate and Used cars. LOVE – IT !! And I am still an enthusiastic Internet Marketer. The concept of being able to deal with and sell to people all around the world is very exciting, although in today’s VERY competitive world, it offers daily challenges. I love the fact that someone even in another country can be looking for an answer to a problem, and I can assist with that from thousands of Kilometres away. its fabulous.
I have spent considerable time to research the horrid and cruel Human Behaviour of School Bullying, and have written a 70 plus Pages EBook entitled :-

“Stop Bullying My Child”

“Let’s Work As One To STOP BULLYING for All Time”
and this has become a passion for me.
I do believe if the world as we know it today focusses on this Global problem, we can eliminate it for all time.

I have created and ranked several video’s on Youtube, a couple of them here if you are interested.

Type into Youtube “eliminate bullying”
( currently # 1 out of 3570 video’s on Youtube ).

Type into Youtube “School bullying programs” \
( Currently #1 out of 11,100 video’s on Youtube ).

Other video’s are :-
“bullying articles” #3 out of 3690 video’s on Youtube
“anti bullying programs” # 3 out of 6790 video’s on Youtube
“school bully free mission” # 1 out of 6260 video’s on Youtube

I have to admit, I’ve been around for a while now, and have always tried hard to be a good person, good friend and a good Aussie.

I have had several successful businesses, but recent years have not been that great for me regrettably.

I was a major part of a Federal Government Initiative to educate Australian business people on the importance of, and the desperate need for expertise in exporting Australia’s Goods and services.

We were lucky enough to win that Initiative ( not sure luck had a great deal to do with it, but Hard Work certainly did )



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I was also very proud to be accepted as an
Associate in The Australian Marketing Institute,
which entitled me to use the letters A.A.M.I. after my name,
but I never did.

Membership Australian Marketing Institute

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The following video from Woody Harrelson shows the problem is Global


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